2020 BMW Alpina B3 with an astonishing TOURING version

Updated: Jul 7

Written by Daniel Andzhurov - May 11, 2020

Photo Credits: BMW

BMW has revealed a great-looking 2020 station wagon of the G20-generation B3 Touring series which is one of a kind in its segment: spacious family sports cars. The beast is part of the Alpina lineup and uses the company’s all-time-favorite straight-six engine which has a volume of 3.0 liters, and it is twin-turbocharged to achieve the performance shown below.

This output is firstly welcomed by the 8-speed sport Automatic transmission ZF 8HP76 (with paddles) and then sent to the rear, as well as to the front wheels in the X-drive variant. To get all the four wheels driven as an option is very attractive for such a powerful car and so that not a single newton-meter of torque is wasted.

Photo Credits: BMW

Auto Trendy’s take

Photo Credits: BMW

It is obvious from the photos that the car is not only impressive by what is under the hood.There is a lot of charm in its eye-catching exterior and a futuristic touch in its shiny and cozily looking interior. It’s trunk capacity, on the other hand, makes it the perfect family car for any occasions. Last but not the least it is good for the petrolheads that BMW is going against the market trends and continues the ICE development.

Therefore, we think that, despite its price tag (starting from €136,900), this vehicle is totally worth it.