2020 BMW X6 M Competition: the more colorful, the more powerful

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – May 25, 2020

Does power come with color? Apparently, BMW thinks so!

The 2020’s generation of BMW X6 lineup has both: more numerous and flashy color options as well as higher engine performance than its predecessors. The performance figures of the new Competition SUV-coupe variant can be seen below, and they are quite impressive.

What is more, the X6 introduces a brand-new shade of purple color with the name: Ametrin Metallic. Almost every BMW customer who buys an X6 instead of X5, is in line to be different from the rest. Opting for the Ametrin exterior is an extra step to standing out from the crowd.

Auto Trendy’s take

The X6 concept was brought to the automotive market after 2009 to open a whole new segment: for people who wanted to have the coupe styling without having to sacrifice the practicality. Thus, we think that the limited cargo capacity of 776 liters will not pose a major issue in the customer’s choice. Last but not the least, The M Competition package provides enough power for an SUV which may happen to tow a caravan now and then.