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2020 Xpeng P7: The Super-Long-Range Smart Sedan, Advancements and Performance

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – June 10, 2020

Xpeng P7 is an upcoming electric and almost fully autonomous vehicle to be produced in China. The car comes in 3 different versions and 8 configurations with a starting price of $32,470. There is the RWD Long Range, RWD Super-Long Range and the 4WD High Performance.

The P7 impresses with its design, advanced systems as well as with its superior performance. It is built on the SEPA (Smart Electric Platform Architecture) that has a neural network supported by powerful dual-chip computing system. Therefore, each OTA (Over-the-air programming) update will make the experiencing of owning a P7 even better. Last but not the least, the XPILOT 3.0 allows the vehicle to reach Navi destinations autonomously, to park by itself and to actively keep its occupants safe during normal driving conditions.

From interior side, the P7 is quite intelligent and interactive. You can give voice commands for numerous functions. What is more, the vehicle has a system that locates the source of the sound, so it responds differently to the driver and passengers.

The standard configurations for the 3 different versions of the Xpeng P7 achieve the following performance. It is an advantage that the customers have the ability to choose between performance and range depending on their needs.

Xpeng P7 autonomous electric vehicle performance chart

Auto Trendy’s take:

Chinese cars looked funny at the beginning and some of them still do. However, the manufacturers there keep improving and the Xpeng P7 proves it. It is so good that it rises the following question: Is the P7 both cheaper and better than Tesla Model 3?

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