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A gamer's dream: Sony and Honda are preparing a model with an integrated PlayStation

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – December 06, 2022

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

PlayStation in the car?! What more than 20 years ago on the tuning show "Pimp My Ride" was a real sensation, may soon enter production models. In other words, the game console will be installed not by the tuner, but directly by the manufacturer. It is well known to Sony and Honda that the so-called "In-Car Gaming" is becoming increasingly important in the age of electric cars. Thus, they recently joined forces in a project to create electric cars with a built-in PS5.

But when will we see the first car models coming with a PS5 from the factory? It will take some time before the dream of many gamers becomes a reality. Because the idea of the Japanese is not just to "graft" a game console into a car. It should be the hardware to realize the desired ideas in terms of entertainment and networking. For this reason, models must be advanced in the field of autonomous driving. “And that requires time,” says Sony’s Vice President, Izumi Kawanishi.

According to plans, the first SHM (Sony Honda Mobility) electric car for the US market should be launched in late 2025. The first customer cars should not be delivered until early 2026 at the earliest with a PS5, or even PS6 on board.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Automobiles have long since turned into more than a means of transportation from point A to B. Cars are art and they have become a culture for many people worldwide. One of the latest trends, “In-Car Gaming,” is contributing even further in that direction. One can always ask themself the question of whether this is added value or abundance, but the answer will not matter too much as long as this is what people want and are willing to pay for. It is a very dynamic environment and it is really exciting not knowing what the next thing will be.

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