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AC Schnitzer to tune the new BMW M4 G82

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – July 07, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

With the new M4, BMW has raised the Performance bar even higher. Up to 510 hp / 650 Nm in the Competition version and for the first time 4x4 as an option - these are serious features. When it comes to Performance, tuning companies like to get involved. That is why it is no coincidence that AC Schnitzer is working on the transformation of the M4 Coupé and M4 Cabrio. Some of the components for them are ready, and others will appear at a later stage.

Two types of wheels are up to 20 inches

The most noticeable changes relate to the rims. AC Schnitzer offers two different models up to 20 inches in size with two color options. The other details of the optical tuning are a front splitter, an additive for the roof of the cabin, a carbon spoiler, and several inscriptions. With shift feathers, pedals, a footrest and an aluminum key holder, the cockpit looks more elegant. The only technical improvement is the new springs, which make the BMW 25 mm lower at the front and 20 mm lower at the rear.

A little later, AC Schnitzer will offer more tuning solutions. They primarily concern an increase in power for the developing 510 hp stock Competition variant. At the moment, however, no specific figures are mentioned. There will also be a sports muffler as well as adjustable tracks. For the body, front Winglets, racing rear wing with Gurney Flap, as well as a carbon rear diffuser with an optional third stop light will be available. At the moment, the prices for tuning components have not been announced, but a new BMW M4 costs at least €65.000,-, and for the Competition version you will have to prepare an additional €10.000,-.

Auto Trendy’s take:

In times of a world going electric with no noise coming out of the engine, it is incredible to look at tunes such as the one of AC Schnitzer on a M4 G82. There is still hope for the petrol heads as tuning companies might alter their business in the future and make environmental-friendly cars more attractive. The future cannot be predicted. We just need patience.

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