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All set for the new 2023 Volkswagen Amarok

Written by Thembani Magazi – June 09, 2022

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

A new teaser video has been released for the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok pick-up truck. We finally have a view of the tail-end after being teased with sketches since 2020. Unsurprisingly, the new Volkswagen has a lot of features in common with the Ford Ranger. VW has officially confirmed that the Amarok will come with a V6 TDI engine although it is not yet certain whether this will be a true six-cylinder TDI from VW or if it will be a carry over from the Ranger. One unmistakable similarity with the Ranger is the stamped wordmark on the tailgate. The teaser video also goes as far as to display LED tail lamp graphics which are bold and alluring.

A previous Amarok teaser showed off optional matrix LED lights. For comparison, in the facelifted VW Polo, these lights generate around 900 lumens – double that of standard headlights. Strangely enough, these lights are also a fixture on the 2023 Ford Ranger.

Making use of the Ford T6 platform, the Amarok will be 100 millimeters longer and more than 40 mm wider than the current generation model. Payload capacity has thankfully been increased to 1200 kilograms while towing capacity is reportedly 3500 kg. That’s everything you could possibly need in a pickup truck.

Five trim levels will be offered, namely Base, Life, Style, Panamericana, and Aventura. Wheel sizes vary depending on the variant, ranging from 17 to 21 inches. The Amarok's infotainment system will run on Ford's SYNC4 system and will be offered in 10.1- and 12-inch sizes, coupled with an eight-inch digital driver’s display.

Auto Trendy’s take:

The new Amarok is an exciting competitor to emerge on the pickup market. The increased payload capacity is always a win for clients wanting to squeeze the most value out of their trusty truck. If you haven’t noticed, the truck seems to borrow heavily from the Ford Ranger in an aesthetic sense and in some of its build as well. Time will tell which will be the more successful marque in that match up. We expect more or less the same performance as the current model. The teaser showed a V6 TDI badge, referring to one of the three diesels on offer (alongside a single gasoline engine choice). Auto Trendy will be keeping you posted on July 7 when the truck is expected to debut.

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