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Alpine presented a hydrogen supercar prototype

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – March 22, 2022

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Twenty-eight students with a master’s degree in Transport Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Italy presented their new vision for a future sporting design with the A4810 Project by IED, a hydrogen-powered concept car. It is a car that embraces next-generation technology while protecting the traditional features of the French brand, founded in 1955.

A stunning concept car created by IED students

Alpine has proposed to students to create the "super coupe" of 2035. The two-seater is designed as a high-performance vehicle, both in terms of dynamics and interaction with the environment. Alpine A4810 Project from IED (length 5091 mm – width 2010 mm – height 1055 mm – wheelbase 2717 mm) is a two-seater supercar, an experimental combination of a sports coupe with hydrogen propulsion. The design is a series of empty and full spaces, giving the body an airy look and very good aerodynamic characteristics inspired by Formula 1 cars. In addition, the IED project A4810 is tasked with bringing the brand to the edge of the sports car category. The French spirit is cleverly preserved: avoiding the traps of unnecessary decorative elements, the designers focus on the overlapping layers and the sculptural aspects of the car's silhouette. The two-tone combination of matte black and carbon fiber accents creates a bold contrast with every part of the car, making them stand out according to their function: aerodynamic, mechanical, or simply decorative. The team of students uses digital tools to design the interior through sketches, 3D models, visualizations, animations, and development of HMI (Human Machine Interface). The inclusion of hydrogen power means that they have developed a full-fledged concept that is almost ready to embark on the path to a much more optimistic and sustainable, zero-emission future.

Auto Trendy’s take:

It is no less than amazing to hear about high industry achievements, especially when they are caused by students. It speaks of a well-needed collaboration between education and industry, which is crucial to ensuring that the best is made of all available resources such as talent, knowledge, and expertise. We, at Auto Trendy, are really looking forward to more futuristic concepts, but also real-life executed projects, being assigned to students and young professionals to inspire the new generations to strive and create. Lastly, we are also eager to stay tuned in to the progress of the Alpine A4810 Project from IED.

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