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Amazon Alexa Auto Taking Over Cars

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Written by Kfir Kedem - May 12, 2020

Amazon is now enabling its users to have a full virtual assistant experience on the go. Alexa, their in-home AI virtual assistant is now becoming a feature that is built into vehicles produced by major car brands. The new innovation integrates people’s cars with their homes and control people’s smart home features from a distance when on the road.

The text-to-speech functionality enables drivers to have hands-free control over their infotainment system. Amazon’s kindle is integrated into the system, which provides drivers with audio books on the go.

On long drives, drivers are able to continue using their time productively as they can manage their calendars, to-do lists, and online shopping carts.

Auto trendy’s take

The integration of car to home has been a topic of discussion in the automotive industry for several years. With the integration of the smart home and virtual assistant systems, Amazon was able to achieve the integration without much effort.

Other than Alexa Auto, Amazon is a company to watch out for in the automotive industry. Although they don’t have official plans of manufacturing their own vehicles, they are diving into every aspect of the automotive industry, including building their own distribution fleets. Auto trendy will keep a close eye on Amazon and report on their future automotive innovations and disruptions.

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