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An electric motorcycle with a hole through the middle

Written by Theo Koenig – July 01, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

A British engineering company called White Motorcycle Concepts has built a motorcycle capable of reaching over 400km/h. In fact, the company hope to break the world record for the Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner World Record. What’s grabbed most headlines, however, is the unconventional design of the WMC250EV motorcycle.

The WMC250EV focuses on aerodynamic efficiency. By installing a duct through the middle of the motorcycle, White Motorcycle Concepts have reduced the aerodynamic resistance by 70%. Allowing air to flow through the center of the bike, rather than forcing it around, creates an ultra-low drag structure. According to CEO and founder Rob White, the WMC250EV will achieve twice the mileage for the same electric charge than the current electric motorcycle market equivalent.

Utilizing a duct further allows the motorcycle to increase the axial load on the front wheel. This in-turn lets the WMC250EV be motorised by a D-Drive motor system which powers the front wheel. This also allows for the electric motorcycle to incorporate regenerative braking.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Innovative and disruptive technologies like these are always interesting, especially in a market that is almost entirely dominated by combustion powered vehicles. The electric motorcycle industry is evolving at a slightly slower pace than that of the electric vehicle market, partly because enjoyment is somewhat diminished when the noise and vibrations are subtracted from the equation. So, it’s great to see companies taking initiative and bringing creative designs forward. Right now, the company has only brought forward a prototype and the motorcycle is officially still “In development." However, they have set themselves up well for the future. Breaking world records will bring the company attention and good publicity for when the WMC250EV is ready to launch full-scale.

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