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BluSmart is electrifying Indian ride-hailing

Written by Kfir Kedem – September 27, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Indian startup BluSmart is electrifying Indian urban mobility with its new ride-hailing platform. Similar to Uber, users can order a taxi service through a mobile app. The main twist is that all the cars are completely electric. BluSmart has the goal to be one of the influencers of Indian sustainability and the plan is to do so by electrifying ride-hailing services.

As for prices, the Gurugam-based company is also offering quite an attractive offer. For point-to-point rides there is a flat rate starting at 99 Indian Rupees. For people who need to be driven around for longer times or for multiple points, BluSmart offers a flat hourly rate starting at 199 Indian Rupees which is slightly pricier than the average Indian Uber rate per hour (169 Indian Rupees).

Auto Trendy’s take:

Although not the cheapest service, the prices are quite fair given that each ride taken with BluSmart will help reduce emissions in India. As for the ownership of the cars, their owners will likely have a better experience as well as lower maintenance costs. As long as a good solution is provided for charging the cars, this seems like it could be a great way to continue electrifying Indian roads.

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