BMW to release an electric 7 Series: BMW i7

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – December 02, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

The BMW Group is accelerating the transformation to electric mobility by consistently expanding its range to include more and more automotive segments. Next year, the premium car manufacturer from Munich will present the world's first luxury sedan with all-electric drive: BMW i7 (forecasts based on the current development of the car are the following: average fuel consumption: 22.5 – 19.5 kWh / 100 km according to WLTP; CO2 emissions: 0 g / km).

As part of the preparation process for series production, the BMW i7 is currently being tested for driving dynamics on the territory of the BMW Group's winter test center in Arjeplog, Sweden. There, just a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle, test engineers find ideal conditions for a thorough inspection of all propulsion and suspension systems on ice and snow-covered roads. With the tests in the freezing cold, they pave the way for a new interpretation of the luxurious joy of driving. For the first time, maximum and typical BMW dynamics, comfort and confidence in the luxury class can be combined with zero local emissions.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Well, it does not seem so much like something new anymore to read about a new electric car model. What is obvious is that the electrification revolution is proceeding relevantly fast, and the biggest OEMs are proving that. BMW, just like Mercedes ( and VW (, are introducing electric propulsion to all their model ranges. The question is, how long do we have before we see the production of the last fossil fuel car?!