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Brekr developing lightweight electric mopeds

Written by Kfir Kedem – March 25, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Founded in 2018, Brekr is a Dutch electric moped manufacturer. They currently produce only one moped that is called the Model B. It is lightweight at 78 kg and is built to suit the Dutch cycle paths. Brekr even considered the possible issue of silent mopeds riding alongside bicycle riders and developed the Model B to make a unique noise that will let others know of its activity. The noise resembles a quiet growl. It doesn’t grab too much attention, but definitely lets people know that the moped is driving close to them.

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The company took design inspiration from classic motorbikes but put a “timeless” twist on the classic look of the structure design. Brekr hopes that the unique design will continue to be attractive for decades to come. So far, the design has caught a few eyes and Brekr have already sold out all of the stock available until June. The moped is available from €4,499.

One of the reasons Brekr was founded was to provide a green solution to mopeds. The company has realized that the automotive batteries currently used are not as green as people might think. They contain raw materials that are harmful for the environment upon disposal. As such, Brekr started the “Accumulate Project” which focuses on developing batteries with a longer product lifecycle. The goal is to have less batteries to dispose of as they will not need to be replaced as often. This way the same raw materials can be used but as there are less batteries needed; less raw materials will get disposed.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Brekr is developing a perfect solution for the Netherlands—a country where riding on the cycle path is oftentimes more convenient than driving on the road. Many people choose to use the 25 km/h speed limited mopeds rather than bicycles, and Brekr offer a green solution to these people. Given that they have already sold out their stock for the upcoming months, it can likely be said that the demand for their product is very much there. Although the moped is perfect for the Netherlands, moped riders from other countries will likely join the excitement and order from Brekr as well.

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