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Bringing competition into the autonomous ridesharing market: EasyMile, STELLANTIS, and SNCF Group

Written by Kfir Kedem – February 11, 2021

Reviewed by Theo Koenig

Just like Aurora’s partnership that was announced this week, EasyMile had a very similar announcement to release. EasyMile has partnered up with the automotive giant, STELLANTIS, as well as SNCF Group for the development and testing of their autonomous systems.

Testing will be carried out on a converted railway with the goal of showcasing the safety level of the EasyMile autonomous system. With SNCF being a railway company since 2019, they would be a key partner in this venture. The press release of EasyMile stated that the company is happy to finally have a partner with which they are able to apply and test their autonomous system which includes intelligent technology, sensors, and a fleet management system. By the end of the project, the partners are hoping to have autonomous vehicles that are ready for public driving and ridesharing.

Auto Trendy’s take:

EasyMile will definitely benefit from the recognition and the partnership that they have with an automotive giant such as STELLANTIS. As for STELLANTIS, they will benefit from the high-buzz autonomous systems that EasyMile have been focused on since their inception. Just like the development partnership of Aurora, this collaboration seems to benefit all parties involved and seems to be very promising. The press releases were released one day apart, which makes it seem that a very interesting competition to enter the market is starting to happen before our eyes.

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