Chanje: solutions for the commercial last mile industry

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – July 13, 2020

Chanje is a relatively new automotive company that is based in Canada. Their mission is to change automotive fuels and infrastructure for the last mile industry. In other words, they aim to invent a sustainable urban solution for transporting packages and people from transportation storages to their final destination.

Currently, Chanje is producing one truck model while working on the development of a platform that considers charging infrastructure, renewable energy, storage, and grid services. They have numerous partnerships with companies that share the same mission. One of them is FedEx. The delivery service company has ordered 1000 Chanje V8100 vans in November 2019 and now they partner up with Chanje for creating innovative charging infrastructure.

The Chanje V8100 is a fully electric, medium-duty van which is being produced to suit delivery in urban areas. It has a total range of around 241 kilometers, more than 19,000 liters of storage capacity, and more than 2.7 tons of payload. In comparison to the conventional delivery vans, the V8100 promises fuel costs savings of nearly 70%.

Auto Trendy’s take:

The potential of conventional fuels has been decreasing for the past few years on quite a steep curve. Obviously, it is a sign for new inventions and developments as it shows the attitude of working to find new and better solutions. When we look at what Chanje is doing, we can clearly see that they understand industry signs and that they are embracing the electrification trend with their solution.