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Search giving autonomous features to regular cars

Written by Kfir Kedem – July 05, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Autonomous driving is supposed to help us drive more safely. The lower levels of autonomy are not supposed to take over driving, but are supposed to reduce driver and traffic risk. But what if you bought a car and it doesn’t have any of this functionality? Well, was founded in 2015 to solve this exact issue.

With its “openpilot,” the company has made low-level autonomous driving open source. With the use of a smartphone and the company’s kit, any car can utilize Adaptive Cruise Control and Adaptive Lane Centering.

Furthermore, has released its “comma two” which is a dashcam sized screen and camera combination which is mounted on the car windshield. With this kit, the car is able to accelerate, steer, and brake in its lane with no assistance from the driver.

It should be mentioned that both openpilot and comma two do not work with every car, but only with the ones that are listed as compatible on the website.

Auto Trendy’s take: is making autonomous driving features available for cars that were released to the market without them. This is great for driver comfort, but if enough people utilize, the autonomous revolution will come even faster. Self-driving cars will work best when they are all self-driven, and replacing every single car that is currently on the road will take too many years. By having, and hopefully more advanced versions in the future, any car would be able to be driven with the newest autonomous features.

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