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DAF looks for safety with fully autonomous braking

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Written by Kfir Kedem – June 24, 2020

Edited by Asaf Kedem

DAF Trucks are now releasing their AEBS-3 as a standard feature in all their models: LF, CF, and XF. AEBS-3 stands for Advanced Emergency Braking system, so as you may guess, that’s exactly what it does. The goal of this system is to use autonomous braking technology to avoid any collisions that may be caused by a non-alert truck driver.

Using 16 detection antennas, the truck will start automatically slowing down when it is approaching a vehicle at a speed that is too high. It will also turn on the braking lights for cars driving behind it to indicate the velocity drop. This first step should alert the driver and in an ideal situation, they would take control of the truck back. In the case that the driver is still inattentive, the truck will come to a full stop. Such situations may not always be the driver’s fault as visibility while driving may be very low due to harsh weather conditions. DAF’s AEBS-3 is fully functional in these weather conditions and works perfectly in speeds up to 80 km/h.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Unlike other autonomous braking systems from other manufacturers, that works based on video data, DAF uses high precision dual- radar antennas. This gives their trucks the ability to brake during very low visibility conditions and keep their drivers safe. DAF is working to develop autonomous technology with AEBS-3 and platooning, as just two examples. It would be interesting to see which developments they’re planning in order to eventually reach a fully autonomous vehicle.

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