Daimler’s continuing the 4x4 family in a sustainable way

Written by Kfir Kedem - October 14, 2020

Edited by Asaf Kedem

Daimler are continuing their 4x42 family with a new environmentally friendly vehicle. Starting out with the G500 4x42, an impressive off-road luxury vehicle, Daimler has continued production and facelifts for three generations. The new model is the Mercedes-Bez EQC 4x42.

The purpose of this vehicle is to combine luxury with sustainability, and it does just that. Other than having the notable ability to drive on sand in desert regions, beaches, rocky terrain, and even mountain streams, the car has luxury level comfort features and reliability.

Being an electric vehicle, Daimler are legally required to utilize an external noise generator that is otherwise known as Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS). Daimler have innovated a unique way to mount their speakers in what they call “lampspeakers.” These are speakers that are mounted in the headlamp housing, which is very convenient in terms of space in the vehicle.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Daimler being a leading automotive manufacturer and having several previous models that are known for off-road utility, have no choice but to create environmentally friendly vehicles that have similar features. The fact that the new model is electric will likely be beneficial for off-road driving as the maximum torque is at lower speeds, so it will be easier to get out of any muddy spots where a car may get stuck.