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Denyo and Toyota developing a hydrogen-to-electricity portable power generator

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Written by Kfir Kedem - October 05, 2020

Power supply vehicles are often used as portable generators. They are usually needed in emergencies in cases of disaster-stricken areas. Although the portable generators help save lives, they are usually powered by diesel engines and emit a lot of pollutants. Denyo and Toyota have come together to develop a fuel cell power supply vehicle that uses hydrogen to generate electric power.

This vehicle will be based on Toyota’s light-duty truck and use their fuel cell technology. Denyo are developing the power supply unit, which is subsidized by the Japanese government. It’s understandable why the government would subsidize such a project as the environmentally friendly power supply vehicle will yield 72 hours of continuous power supply using 65 kg of hydrogen. Another benefit of using hydrogen over diesel for such a vehicle is that the by-product of the hydrogen-to-electricity power production is water. Toyota have said that this by-product water will be used for showers in these disaster-stricken areas.

Verification tests have already started in September and will be used to validate the functionality of the hydrogen-based power generate when compared to traditional CO2 emitting portable power generators.

Auto Trendy’s take:

At Auto Trendy, we have been big advocates for hydrogen as the clean energy source of the future. As validation tests are still been made and technology is still been developed, we cannot confidently say that we were correct, but it seems that we were correct in our prediction to where the future is heading. The fact that the Japanese government is subsidizing this project, gives great hope to hydrogen as the environmentally friendly “fuel” of the future. Toyota and Denyo are both big companies in their fields with Toyota being one of the biggest automotive manufacturers of all time and Denyo being the leading manufacturer of portable energy. This partnership is exciting, and we cannot wait to hear about the verification test results.

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