Fulpra Motors’ last-mile delivery solution

Written by Kfir Kedem – August 03, 2022

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

The Dutch cities have small roads and incredible cycling infrastructure. With an ever-growing demand for distribution (through e-commerce and expansion of small businesses), the Netherlands needs a reliable solution. That’s where delivery bikes have played a helping hand for years and where Fulpra Motors can shine.

Fulpra Motors is a Dutch startup that was founded in 2020 and produces e-bikes for distribution purposes. These bikes have three wheels and can carry cargo up to 350 kg. The trailer of the bike comes in three sizes: 3 cubic meters, 2 cubic meters, and a flatbed.

Auto Trendy’s take:

The last-mile is becoming more and more relevant. Deliveries within cities are becoming more highly-demanded. Cargo-bikes such as Fulpra’s are the perfect solution to carry large volumes of payload within these small areas.