GhostWave: Revolutionizing Radar

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – July 2, 2020

The future of the automotive industry is getting closer and closer to having autonomous vehicles all around the world. In this new trend, radars are a key factor because they are the components that make it possible for autonomous cars to “see”. Generally, there are three radars per car and there are around 70 million cars registered every year. The radars that are being produced now use a finite number of signals and that creates a potential future problem for when the roads will be filled with self-driving cars. With over 200 million radars on the road in the future, jamming interference would then be with a very high chance.

Every problem needs a solution and looking for an engineering solution is always an opportunity to start a new company. GhostWave is an automotive startup that is based in Columbus and it has taken on the mission of revolutionizing radars for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

The company has been founded in 2016 as a developer of radars which were to be designed to eliminate interference of multiple radars. Their radars incorporate patented, pseudo-random radio frequency generator, which decreases the chance of nearby radar generating the exact same frequency at the exact same time dramatically. The technology was initially developed for the US Army with 10 GHz. New automotive applications require working at 24 GHz or 79 GHz and GhostWave has a model working at 24 GHz.

Auto Trendy’s take:

In the automotive engineering world, safety should always be a very high-priority aspect as human lives are involved and under risk on a daily basis. Talking about self-driving cars, this is even more important. Radars are the “eyes” of autonomous vehicles and the better they see, the more safe they are. Thus, GhostWave has a very important mission and achieving it in mass amount would be an amazing achievement.