HYBARI, the dreamchild rail vehicle of Toyota, Hitachi, and JR East

Written by Kfir Kedem - October 08, 2020

Edited by Asaf Kedem

Toyota Motor Corporation are hard at work developing and testing hydrogen vehicles. Auto Trendy reported earlier about their portable energy vehicle, and now they are moving towards commercial vehicles as well. One example is HYBARI. HYBARI stands for HYdrogen-HYBrid Advanced Rail vehicle for Innovation and it is a railway vehicle that will be potentially used for mass transport.

Just as with their other project, Toyota are developing the hydrogen fuel cell and have formed strong collaborative partnerships with other Japanese companies that are experts in their fields in order to develop the perfect railway vehicle. In this case they have partnered with Hitachi for the railway development and with East Japan Railway Company (JR East) for the railway vehicle manufacturing.

The vehicle is currently being developed and is set to start testing in March of 2022. The aim is of course to lower carbon emissions in mass transport and to create a more sustainable society. As such, the paint of the vehicle is blue with what seems to be a water splash design. Toyota have said that this design is representative of, “the moistening of the earth and symbolize[s] water generated from the chemical reaction in the fuel cells as a motif.”

Auto Trendy’s take:

Although modern railway systems are electric, they can still be more sustainable. According to Toyota, their hydrogen will be produced through the use of other renewable technologies which will make it extremely efficient in lowering the carbon footprint. It seems that the general consensus in the Japanese automotive industry is that hydrogen is the future of green energy and it’s great to see that three major manufacturers are putting their resources together to develop something that will likely change the world for the better.