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Hyundai Prophecy concept EV replacing the Hyundai Ioniq

Updated: May 12, 2020

Written by Daniel Andzhurov - May 04, 2020

The Hyundai Prophecy EV is going into production together with the Hyundai 45 SUV with the mission to form part of the company’s 23 electric vehicles (EV) portfolio by 2025. As a matter of fact, Hyundai’s senior vice president and head of Hyundai Global Design Centre, SangYup Lee confirms the news in an interview with Auto Express: “There will be a production version of Prophecy coming after a production version of the 45 concept”.

Reports also claim for the 45 SUV’s to be revealed before the end of the year, followed by The Prophecy some time in 2021. These two vehicles will replace the current Ioniq Electric. Both, the 45 and the Prophecy will share the same Hyundai Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

Unfortunately, the Hyundai Prophecy concept EV could not make it to the 2020 Geneva International Motor Show. Therefore, the vehicle was digitally unveiled during the Show, on 3 March 2020.

The car is quite distinguishable from the regular Hyundai concept cars. The design takes inspiration from vintage cars from the ‘20s and ‘30s with a smoothened look and curved, sweeping exterior. An example can be the Talbot Lago T150C SS Goutte d'Eau which was produced in the late ‘30s. The name, Prophecy, speaks about a prediction of what will come in the future and that is the idea of Hyundai. The ideas and features in this car will be developed by the company in the future.

Auto Trendy’s take

Summing up, Hyundai has been doing quite well for itself in recent years which is good news for the market and customers. Its projected annual revenue for 2020 will have increased by almost €15 billion in comparison with 2017. Looking specifically at the Prophecy concept, one can easily get a hint of Porsche 996 911 when looked at from certain angles, however, it is way more futuristic.

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The most impressive fact about the interior is the absence of a steering wheel. That speaks for an automotive future of more comfort and space, as well as totally different interaction between a vehicle and its driver. So, is driving becoming more like playing computer games on your couch, then?

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