Land Rover Italia and Airbnb collaborating to meet COVID-driven travel demands

Written by Kfir Kedem – June 02, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

The harsh realities of the COVID-19 virus have resulted in an unexpected collaboration within the automotive industry. During the height of the virus, Land Rover Italia conducted a survey with its local Italian clients regarding their new travel wishes. It was discovered that the customers still lust for travel and adventure, but would like to do so safely. Along with Airbnb, Land Rover has launched the Defender Eco Home.

The Defender Eco Home is, as the name suggests, a mobile home that is designed to be driven by the Land Rover Defender. “Eco” comes from the fact that the home is built out of sustainable materials – recycled fiberglass exterior and eco leather interior – and is powered through solar panels that are mounted on the roof. The home is suitable for two guests as it is equipped with a cozy bed for two and a full bathroom. With glass covering large portions of the eco home, guests will get a lot of natural sunlight and, depending on where they park, a great view.

As this project is a collaboration with Airbnb, guests are able to make a booking through the Airbnb website. With the Eco Home, guests will also gain access to a test drive of the new Land Rover Defender.

Auto Trendy’s take:

As Auto Trendy mentioned in previous articles, collaboration is becoming an integral part of any modern automotive manufacturer’s success. Although a collaboration with a company like Airbnb is not expected, it is not the first time that we are seeing seemingly unrelated companies coming together to improve each other’s brands. Another notable example is the collaboration between Swatch and Mercedes-Benz for the original Smart cars. Land Rover Italia and Airbnb building the Eco Home and providing it to specifically meet their overlapping audience demands would likely result in a stronger brand image for both and, hopefully, a great experience for the audience.