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Lexus presented their second all-electric SUV: the RZ450e

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – April 28, 2022

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Lexus has introduced the RZ450e, the brand's second electric car after the UX300e and the first to be based on an electric vehicle-only platform. It's called e-TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) and it's also used by Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra.

The first photos of the new SUV were distributed by the manufacturer in December. The name of the model was released in early April and the first photo of the interior was released. And now there are more details – with a length of 4.80 meters, the RZ450e will be significantly more bulky than similar models on the same base.

However, the drive is more interesting – there will be no option to be completely front-wheel drive (FWD), but will always be all-wheel drive (AWD), with two electrified axles (eAxle). The engine on the front will generate 150 kW, and the rear 80 kW. Thus, when the battery is charged, the maximum system power will be 230 kW (308 hp). With it, Lexus will be significantly more potent than the models of Toyota and Subaru, which in the AWD version will generate 160 kW.

Lexus will have a completely flexible distribution of traction – from 0:100 to 100:0 between the two axles. The battery will have a capacity of 71 kWh and it will allow a maximum of 400 km on a single charge (WLTP cycle).

Auto Trendy’s take:

The RZ450e, in contrast to the company's first electric SUV, will also be available on the USA market, and that might have its own effect on the vehicle’s size. Moreover, with the flexibility in traction distribution and the 400 km range, we believe that the RZ450e will be a key player in achieving Lexus's ambitions. In other words, to launch all-electric models in all segments by 2030, and to convert the entire range of the brand to electric by 2035.

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