Lucid Motors reimagining the SUV

Written by Kfir Kedem - September 21, 2020

Edited by Asaf Kedem

Lucid Motors recently announced Lucid Air, their reimagined luxury sedan. The incredibly impressive car has great technical specifications and has even beat the Tesla Model S in the quarter mile record. The Silicon Valley based company are continuing to push the limits on cars and are planning on releasing several models starting with their second model in 2023.

This will be a sport utility SUV that utilizes the same electric platform as the Lucid Air. The SUV goes by the intriguing name of Project Gravity and is said to be maximizing the interior space by a strategic placement of the drivetrain components. In terms of the powertrain, Lucid Motors will use the same platform for all of their models, the “Lucid Electric Advanced Platform” or “LEAP” for short. Lucid Motors also claim that LEAP miniaturizes powertrain components and that’s the reason they’re able to get such large amounts of interior space.

Auto Trendy’s take:

As engineers, we would be really interested to see the drivetrain of the Lucid Motors cars and more specifically, their powertrains up close. It seems kind of crazy that miniaturizing the components of the propulsion system will still lead to world records in terms of speed. If Lucid Motors were to release more details about their powertrain, just for interested engineers, it would really be great.