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Mack Trucks electrify the garbage collection industry

Written by Theo Koenig – May 04, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Mack Trucks, one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks, has announced their first electric garbage truck – the Mack LR electric. The designs are based on the original Mack LR, a versatile and reliable combustion engine garbage truck. The move to electric comes amid a strong push for electrification of trucks from parent company Volvo Group.

The impressive specs of the Mack LR Electric can be summarized below.

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The use of electric technology seems particularly well suited to the garbage trucking industry. Mack Trucks have included a three-mode regenerative braking system designed to capitalize on the truck’s increasing load during routes. This will help recapture energy from the hundreds of stops a day required by the trucks.

Noise-reduction is the other obvious selling point. Mack Trucks have specifically designed the vehicles to cut noise pollution and allow them to operate at night. Fewer oil changes and maintenance will be another asset that electric offers over its combustion engine rivals.

Orders for the Mack LR Electric started in the end of 2020 and deliveries have already started, with New York City Department of Sanitation and Republic Services given pre-production Mack LR Electrics for real-world trials.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Given the advantages to be found in electrification, specifically for the trucking industry, it is rather surprising to see so few companies attempting to enter the market early. Considering the progress being made in the electric bus sector, which shares similarities such as stop-and-go with the garbage collecting sector, it seems as though electrification is only a matter of time. Mack Trucks have many advantages, mostly notably the prior experience in the garbage truck industry and the fact that their parent company also produces electric trucks. From a R&D perspective, the Mack Trucks have potentially many savings to make. The Mack LR Electric will gain further advantage over any newcomers from the fact that it is currently undergoing extensive, real-world testing, hopefully leading to a better product.

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