Mercedes-Benz’ New 100% Recyclable Battery

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Written by Kfir Kedem - May 05, 2020

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Photo credits: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has stated that they have developed a compostable battery that uses graphene-based organic cell chemistry. This means that no rare, toxic metals are needed for the battery, which makes it 100% recyclable. Revolutionary for the automotive industry, electric technology can truly be accepted as ecological.

Other than being more environmentally friendly, Mercedes-Benz has fixed a key industry problem. According to Tesla, the rare metals used in lithium-ion batteries will be in a shortage soon. Tesla’s solution is to invest in battery metal mines; however, it seems that Mercedes-Benz’ solution is better for the environment and shows more signs of industry innovation.

Photo credits: Daimler

Andreas Hintennach, Doctor of Chemistry and Medicine and head of battery technology at Mercedes-Benz, has

stated that Mercedes-Benz is in fact working on several battery technologies. He says that the R&D department is researching all possible battery technologies, to ensure they release the best option to the market.

Mercedes-Benz claims that their new batteries charge faster than current lithium-ion batteries and can even hold more charge.

Auto Trendy’s take

This is a great development for the automotive industry. For years, electric vehicles have been sold as green alternatives to internal combustion engines, when their batteries will eventually cause very high emissions. Everyone in the industry knew about this problem and it seems that Mercedes-Benz are on the right track to solve it and to create a truly sustainable passenger vehicle. It would be interesting to see if they are researching structural materials to ensure a passenger car that is 100% recyclable as a whole.