Mercedes-Benz presents: The 2023 EQE

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – September 13, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Mercedes-Benz is introducing electric drive technology to its E-Class lineup as well!

By 2030, half of new Mercedes cars sold must be electric. Mercedes kicked off in this direction with their EQS and the EQE continues in this direction in the middle of 2022. The car was revealed at the 2021 IAA Munich (International Motor Show Germany) which was held between the 7th and the 12th of September. The market launch of the vehicles is expected to happen somewhere in mid-2022.

EQE will offer a range of over 600 km

Like its older brother, EQE uses the EV2 platform. For now, a battery with a capacity of 90.6 kWh will be available. This offers a range of over 600 kilometers. Thanks to the 400-volt technology, the EQE can be charged with 200 kW, and Mercedes has not yet specified an exact value for the charging time. In comparison, the EQS should be able to charge 300 kilometers in 15 minutes.

Two motorizations for market start

Two motorizations will be offered for the market launch of the model. Number 1 is the EQE 350 with 210 kW (286 hp) and a single rear axle engine. There is no information about the latter yet. The platform offers space for a secondary electric motor on the front axle – this number 2 will be dual-drive and more powerful. Air suspension will be available as an option for the EQE. The system for rear turning wheels is also available at an additional cost. There are two options here: 4.5 and 10 degrees. In terms of rumors, EQE will offer Level 3 autonomous driving.

Huge monitor as an option

In addition to the basic configurations with two separate monitors of different sizes, at the top of the price list is a hyper-screen. The 141cm long glass panel houses three monitors. The third is for the area next to the driver and is active if someone is sitting there. Also, it gets activated right when the driver looks at it: this is monitored by eye-tracking sensors. This extra is also available for the EQS.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Unlike other manufacturers, Mercedes started their E-journey bottom top: they firstly introduced the electric model of the large SUV, EQS, and now are coming out with the EQE. Looking at this elegant car in its electrified version, we can get an idea of the future taxis in Stuttgart. There are two possible reasons for the EQE to appear less attractive to us than the classic E-Class: either that is the truth, or our perception of cars is to undergo huge changes in the future. Well, there is only one way to find out – time.