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MINI is becoming vegan and electric in 2021

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – February 09, 2021

Reviewed by Kfir Kedem

The first units of the Mini Cooper SE Collection will start appearing soon. The SE collection presents the electric version of the cult-followed Mini Cooper S. Electrification does not seem to be enough to emphasize the brand's resilience and love of nature - that's why BMW is taking another decisive step forward and finally turning its back on the leathers used in the cabin.

Oliver Heilmer, the chief designer of MINI, commented at the British edition Autocar: "We are convinced that even without animal skins, we can make modern and high-quality interiors." This was shocking news for many fans of the brand. Last year, 54% of Mini cars sold in the UK had leather seats.

In 2017, Tesla was the first manufacturer that dared to offer a model without the option of a leather interior. Other brands followed suit, such as Renault with Twizy. Until now, however, the trend was limited to specific models, but not for an entire range.

Auto Trendy’s take:

As part of nature, animals are an important factor for the environmental balance. Thus, we are extremely happy to see huge automakers following such trends and we believe that the given example will be taken by many. With the developments of materials, it is possible that we may see the same luxury we have come to love from leather coming from more sustainable resources such as cork or agave.

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