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Mobileye: the Intel subsidiary launching an autonomous delivery service

Written by Thembani Magazi – April 28, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Intel subsidiary Mobileye is making big moves when it comes to tackling the problem of last mile delivery. Udelv is also another company making a name for itself in this field. The two companies have announced their partnership to use Mobileye’s self-driving system—Mobileye Drive—to operate the next-generation Udelv autonomous delivery vehicles (ADV), called “Transporters.” The companies plan to produce more than 35,000 Mobileye-driven Transporters by 2028, with commercial operations beginning in 2023. They already have sizable pre-orders from Donlen, one of America’s largest commercial fleet management companies at the forefront of fleet management innovation and technology.

Last mile delivery is probably one of the costliest parts of the delivery process, accounting for 53% of the overall cost of goods. At the same time, consumers are buying more goods online which is expected to raise urban last-mile delivery volume by 75 to 80% by 2030 and require 36% more delivery vehicles. A shortage of drivers is making it difficult for companies to keep pace. That’s where Mobileye Drive comes in. A simple and elegant solution to a complex problem. Udelv’s customers expect Transporters to improve the efficiency of last- and middle-mile delivery services for everything from baked goods and car parts to groceries and medical supplies.

Mobileye Drive is a comprehensive self-driving package which will mean the transporters will be capable of Level 4 autonomy. In level 4, the car can handle the majority of driving situations independently. The technology in level 4 is developed to the point that a car can handle highly complex urban driving situations, such as the sudden appearance of construction sites, without any driver intervention.The driver, however, must remain fit to drive and capable of taking over control if needed. Mobileye will also provide over-the-air software support. For the Transporters, Udelv has ditched the usual delivery van aesthetic in favour of something more resembling a skateboard in appearance. Details such as range aren’t yet known, but the Transporter is capable of traveling at speeds of around 105 kph.

In Europe, Mobileye is planning to launch autonomous shuttles with TransdevATS and Lohr group.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Every logistics aficionado knows the challenges that come with last mile delivery. Devising practical and cost-effective solutions will be one of the defining challenges of the current generation of ADV providers. Autonomous delivery seems like the way to go this decade and the technology is only getting more impressive. Mobileye is one of the companies to pay close attention to as innovation occurs, and if their recent track record of working closely with other companies is anything to go by they will continue to shape trends in the industry.

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