PACCAR’s strategy for Electric and Autonomous technology releases

Written by Kfir Kedem - July 28, 2020

PACCAR, the parental company of Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF is shifting its focus onto electric and autonomous vehicles. Preston Feight, PACCAR’s CEO has stated that their electric and autonomous vehicles will be released when the market is ready. In order to continue PACCAR’s vision of providing low-cost yet high-quality trucks, PACCAR is waiting for the infrastructure and legislation to be made before releasing their new technologies to the market.

In terms of electric vehicles, PACCAR is putting a big emphasis on hydrogen fuel cells. Again, PACCAR strives to stay affordable for its customers. Thus, they are waiting for hydrogen fuel prices to drop form $12-$13 per kilogram down to $2-$3 per kilogram before releasing their hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. In the meantime, they will release medium-duty battery electric trucks to meet legislation and current market demands.

When it comes to autonomous vehicles, the development is underway. Feight has stated that partnerships with autonomous technology companies are already established. To show off the technology, they have even displayed a Level 4 autonomous Kenworth truck.

Auto Trendy’s take:

It’s great to see the focus on future technologies from PACCAR. Previously it seemed that they may be behind the increasingly important trends and innovations. Now that Feight discussed their long-term strategy, it makes sense why PACCAR would be releasing this technology to the market as late as they are planning. For them to stay affordable, they will let their competitors build the necessary infrastructure. Waiting for the legislation to be made is also a smart decision as they would be able to build trucks that will last their clients a long time without having to worry about legal changes.