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Pagani reveals a new model after 10 years of “facelifts”

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – September 20, 2022

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Pagani presented its third model. In the face of Utopia (factory designation C10), the Italian manufacturer launches a completely new offer for its customers after the Zonda (C8) and Huayra (C9). In truth, the boutique brand can boast of quite a few premieres in recent years, but all of them were simply updated versions of already existing models. After the Zonda in 1999 and the Huayra in 2012, the Utopia now opens a new chapter in the development of the brand – and one in which Pagani returns to its roots!

The cockpit relies on timeless elegance – that's why there is no large central display in the center, but classic rotating aluminum controllers.

In general, the design of the machine has direct references to that of the already known Pagani models – with two round headlights on each side, but now united in a common body. At the back, the design is simpler – with two instead of three lights on each side. The four exhaust pipes have been preserved – in the best traditions of the brand. The entire titanium generation weighs only 6 kilograms in total.

The heart of the Utopia is the V12 developed by Mercedes-AMG – practically the same unit as the one with which the Huayra Roadster BC debuted in 2019. However, the engine with two turbochargers now generates not 802, but as many as 864 horsepower. The monster torque of 1100 Nm, available at 2800 rpm, is transmitted directly to the rear wheels. For Pagani, a heavy 4x4 system does not exist as an option at all.

Pagani gives the driver the opportunity to change gears themselves, by pressing the clutch, as we always did in the good old days. In fact, it was a real challenge for the engineers to make a "handle" that could withstand 1100 Nm – but they did it anyway, because the customers wanted exactly this technical solution. Otherwise, there is an option to order a 7-speed Xtrac sequential transmission.

Auto Trendy’s take:

After many articles on electric vehicles, here is the long-awaited article for our petrol heads readers. What is more, the Pagani Utopia might also appeal to readers with an affinity for art. We, at Auto Trendy, put our hats down and congratulate Pagani on once again developing a product in style. Even a manual gearbox… this must be a dream for many people.

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