Polestar: Results and Winners from debut design competition announced

Written by Thembani Magazi – November 25, 2020

Edited by Asaf Kedem

After months of anticipation the winner has been announced for Polestar design competition. Such competitions are not new to the automotive design field and the Sino-Swedish automotive brand jointly owned by Volvo Car Group and its parent company Geely took the opportunity to draw in the best design talents both from around the world.

The brief from the competitions hosts From the Swedish automotive brand, it reads: “Design a new Polestar that is the purest of designs, one from 20 years from now, which showcases what Polestar’s slightly-more-distant future will look like (but still within the realm of possibility). It could be a car. It could be something else. What it has to be is a vision of Polestar’s design evolution in the year 2040, following the Polestar design philosophy.”

The true unique selling point of the competition, the real win was allowing ten finalists (five student and five professional) to refine their ideas in concert with Design Director Max Missoni and the current team tasked with Polestar design. The winners: Konrad Cholewka (Poland) from the professional category, Siddhesh Bhogal (India) from the student category and managed to embody an external, sculptural simplicity while including a bit of mystery and are being rewarded for their exceptional design by mentorship at the brand as well as exclusive access to their design engineering process.

The event turned out to be a treat for all fans of the art and a showcase the incredible potential of automotive designers. For both professionals in design and aspirants for the field, contests like these are a prime opportunity to contribute to the legacy of a car brand and inject one’s own passion for the craft into the often highly secretive design process.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Such a competition is emblematic of the automotive industry at large: a diverse and seemingly truly infinite. The industry is massive in scope, customisable and ever-evolving. Auto makers have a tough job catering to the specific needs of consumers as well as predict what shape the market will take in future. It is by harnessing the talent of designers both professional and amateur that these creative marques stay years ahead of the market trends. It’s a call to action to other car brands to embrace creativity and futurism to stay ahead.