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Porsche recalls certain models due to engine damage and fire concerns

Written by Thembani Magazi- May 05 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

When you think of Porsche you typically think of luxury high performance models with exquisite quality control. Not the case this time. Yes, we hate to hear about it—a top automaker having to recall models because of mistakes somewhere along the value stream—but it happens more often than we would like to think about in the car industry.

Porsche has announced a recall and a stop sale order covering 190 of its mid-engined 2021 Cayman, Boxster, and 718 Spyder models. The recall and stop sale come due to a risk of cracked connecting rods that could lead to catastrophic engine failure. The affected models include the 2021 Cayman GT4, 718 Spyder, Cayman GTS 4.0, and Boxster GTS 4.0. That is a lot of cars! Truly shocking and disheartening news coming from Porsche.

Cars covered in the recall may need engines replaced to fix the issue. According to Porsche, 20 of the vehicles covered in the recall have been delivered, and all those vehicles will receive new engines. All the engines in these cars are flat-six units that possibly have a connecting rod that can crack and lead to engine damage, stalling, and possibly in the worst case, fire.

The stop sale order issued by Porsche covers coupe models. While all versions of the car already delivered to customers will see their engines replaced ASAP, other vehicles that have been purchased but not delivered (or are still on dealer lots) will be evaluated to determine if they need an engine replacement.

Porsche says that it is unaware of any problems resulting from faulty connecting rods and says that all owners who took delivery of vehicles with defective engines have been notified of the recall. Porsche says that it first became aware of the issue on March 8 of this year.

At least one owner has taken to an online Porsche forum claiming that his ordered 718 Cayman GT4 was covered in the recall and that he had received a letter from Porsche. In the letter, the automaker said the vehicle could be delayed by 3 to 6 months to remedy the issue.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Recalls of this nature can be catastrophic for an automaker. The damage to reputation and the trust that customers have built with the brand can be huge. Porsche will have to show a lot of agility and disaster management skills to get back on top of this troubling issue. A failure in the connecting rod is highly dangerous and getting the prized vehicle to the correct operating standard should be top priority for the company so that customer dissatisfaction can be kept to a minimum. Porsche remains one of the best car brands on the market. All of us car fans hope to see these issues addressed with efficiency and safety in mind.

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