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Red Bull unveiled its 2023 F1 car and announced future cooperation with Ford

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – February 06, 2023

Reviewed by Kfir Kedem

On Friday, Red Bull became the first top F1 team to unveil its new car for the 2023 season – but the big news that was revealed to the general public at the RB19 premiere in New York was actually about the team's long-term future: Red Bull will partner up with Ford starting in 2026 – and so the American car giant returns to the most prestigious track championship on the planet after an absence of more than 20 years!

Although Red Bull showed off the new RB19 for the first time on Friday in New York in the presence of Horner, world champion Max Verstappen, as well as teammate Sergio Perez and reserve driver Daniel Ricciardo, the car's unveiling was overshadowed by the big news about Ford.

In fact, the racing machine has the same paint and branding as last year, and there are almost no changes on the outside – this probably did not please the fans of the "bulls." But since the car was more of a show car at the premiere, it's no wonder that Red Bull presented a new livery at the first test at the end of February in Bahrain.

A small consolation for fans is that for the three races in the USA (Miami, Austin and Las Vegas) Red Bull will compete with a special paint and even announced a competition for the design of the car among the fans. It is these three launches that will be very important for Ford's marketing presence.

Auto Trendy’s take:

A few weeks away from the opening of the 2023 F1 season and the news have already started rolling out. The first of them, which we have just shared with you, is pretty exciting. Ford is coming back to F1 with Red Bull. Wow! What will happen to Honda? Why did the team decide to replace them? Those, and more, are the questions many people, including us, will be going after in the time to come.

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