Revolutionary automotive solar roof design

Written by Kfir Kedem - July 27, 2020

Israeli company Apollo Power is working on flexible film technology that would replace solar panels. Current solar panels are rigid and heavy. To further continue the light-weighting of cars and even increase the design options, Apollo Power is innovating Apollo Film.

The unique product will be durable, which will allow it to be used on car roofs without worry from the manufacturers. Although it is still in development, Apollo Power say that it will be a low-cost and low-weight alternative to solar panels.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Apollo Power’s goal is to develop a product that could transform any surface that comes into contact with sunlight into an energy source. This technology will be beneficial for several infrastructure options; however, Auto Trendy is most interested in the automotive applications. The obvious benefit is the major weight benefit that the film would provide. Additionally, it would give a lot of freedom in terms of design. Not long ago, Fisker released their Ocean which had a unique solar panel rooftop that can be opened. A lot of time went into Fisker’s development of the roof. Apollo Film would have given Fisker a solution that would have achieved the same goal, weighed less, and even being less challenging to design due to the durable flexibility of the product. It will be interesting to see what innovative applications automotive manufacturers will find for the Apollo Film.