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Robeta presented the most luxurious camper van – developed together with Ralf Schumacher

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – October 13, 2022

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

A "yacht on wheels" – this is how the Slovenian company Robeta presented its "campervan," developed together with Ralf Schumacher. The mobile home, which the manufacturer claims as the most luxurious of its category on the market, is called the Robeta Schumacher Edition. The Formula 1 star was chosen by Robeta as a consultant because of his passion about camping, outdoor sports and nature walks – which few people know about. The van itself has been developed according to the wishes of the pilot, and the engineers were guided in the project by the trends in sailing, adding the latest electronics, using the advice of yacht builders.

According to Schumacher, because of the look, the equipment and the quality of the furniture, the camper could easily be called a "yacht on wheels," since it had nothing in common with the machines of the class until now. One of the interesting solutions is the large bed (200x160 cm) in the center of the bus, which during storage is raised to the ceiling with the help of an electric system. The kitchen has not only an induction hob, but also a dishwasher and a wine fridge. All this is typical for a yacht, but not for a camper.

A Mercedes Sprinter with a power of 190 hp, 4×4 drive, length of 7.36 m and 9-speed automatic transmission was used as the basis of the project. The bus offers numerous assistance systems for the driver, which makes it extremely safe. A JL audio system with two amplifiers and two subwoofers are installed in the living area. The lighting can be adjusted according to the mood of the passengers.

Auto Trendy’s take:

These kinds of vehicles definitely make up the luxury fleet of the automotive industry. Nevertheless, the Robeta Schumacher Edition, being a camper van, has practical application in its roots. It is limited edition with only 15 units to be produced and with a starting price of €280.000,-. Thus, it is quite intriguing to learn who will get one, or at least which will be the countries where you would be able to spot one of the 15 on the road.

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