Rolls-Royce Boat Tail: the most expensive vehicle in the world

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – June 07, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

The price of the newest Rolls-Royce is around $25–28 million. But what makes it so expensive? And did Jay-Z and Beyonce really buy a Boat Tail?

For car fans, Rolls-Royce is a symbol of luxury. What happens if an "ordinary" Rolls-Royce does not work for you? For this purpose, a special division was established, which became part of the portfolio of the British luxury brand. The second project after the Sweptail presented in 2017 – now Rolls-Royce showed the pure Boat Tail, limited to three copies of a luxury convertible, which costs an incredible $25 million. If the rumors are to be believed, the buyers are Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce!

Even more expensive than Bugatti La Voiture Noire

But what makes Boat Tail so special? Regardless of the owner, with its price of $25 million, this Rolls-Royce is the most expensive new car in the world and is even ahead of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire (single unit), which costs $21 million. In total, Boat Tail will create copies of you, which will differ in their high degree of individualization. However, they will all be similar in one aspect – their motto: "Show me something I haven't seen before."

Over 1800 new parts have been created for Boat Tail

Four years later, the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is ready and definitely something very special. A total of 1,813 new parts were built specifically for the 5.80-meter-long Boat Tail, much of which falls on the rear with a yacht design. Among them, the most luxurious picnic equipment stands out. Rolls-Royce has not yet published information on motorization and dynamic characteristics. However, the Boat Tail will probably be powered by the familiar V12 unit. How long it will take to produce the remaining specimens is also unknown.

Auto Trendy’s take:

We, at Auto Trendy, are amazed by this new piece of art. We are glad that it will come to life. The Boat Tail will show to people again that automotive engineering is not simply “building cars.” It is far beyond that, and it seems like Rolls-Royce is from those car manufacturers who do not see any borders. Well, we get them. Borders are limiting anyway, why would you need them?