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Shell’s strategy to decarbonize aviation

Written by Kfir Kedem – September 22, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Shell has taken the initiative to decarbonize aviation. Aligning with the company’s other projects to decrease emissions (such as the electric car charging stations), this initiative will be a continuation of the energy-type pivot. Now focusing on SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), Shell claims that planes would be able to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

The rest of the emissions would be offset by the development of bio-SAF and nature-based carbon offsets. These nature-based offsets would come in the form of nature restoration projects. Joining forces with Etihad, Shell already has plans to naturally-offset all of Etihad's flights for the coming years.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Shell is constantly taking steps to ensure maintaining its place in the automotive and aviation industry. Right now the company’s main investments seem to be in SAF, however there are constantly innovations being made for battery electric and hydrogen planes. Shell has not yet made a statement regarding providing hydrogen for planes, so it would be interesting to see if it is a trick that the company is keeping up its sleeve. As for powering battery electric planes, this likely makes less sense due to the heavy weight that the battery pack would add to the plane.

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