Skateboard-like chassis used to electrify any medium to heavy-duty trucks

Written by Kfir Kedem - September 02, 2020

Edited by Asaf Kedem

For small-scale and startup truck manufacturers, developing a reliable electric drivetrain that can carry the necessary loads may be challenging. Atlis, founded in 2016, is producing both their own trucks, as well as modular electric chassis. The skateboard-looking chassis can be purchased and put under any truck body to make it electric. They call this modular chassis the “XP Platform” and recommend its use for RVs, step vans, box trucks, and unique projects.

The XP Platform has a driving range of 500 miles and is able to hold 20,000 pounds of payload. With the rapid charging time of 15 minutes (using a plug-in charger), it seems to be a good choice for medium to heavy-duty trucks. There are some factors that truck manufacturers are looking for such as high torque at low speeds and the ability to control the weight distribution of the payload. Atlis answers those demands by utilizing 4 independent traction motors, which make the chassis 4-wheel-drive. Additionally, they have decided to place the battery in the center of the chassis, which will give distribution companies the control they need over the position of their payload while transporting goods.

Auto Trendy’s take:

It seems that Atlis have a well thought out product that will surely benefit their target clients. Be it aftermarket-vehicle hobby builders who are looking to electrify their vehicles or startups that need such systems to catch up to their big competitors. With so many automotive startups coming up in recent years, it would be interesting to see how successful Atlis can be in supplying some of them with one of the most major parts that a truck needs to run, which is its chassis.