Sony moving from TV screens to cars

Written by Kfir Kedem - August 11, 2020

Edited by Asaf Kedem

Auto Trendy has already reported on the integration of cars, phones, and homes. Two examples are Apple providing a car key app and Amazon integrating Alexa’s smart-home features with cars. We have also discussed the evolution of cars from logistical tools to consumer electronics, as can be seen with software updates unlocking user features and car companies partnering with technology companies to better integrate modern technology into their experienced hardware.

Sony decided that instead of partnering with a car company, they would be able to create their own hardware. Similar to Tesla, they would have one of the few cars on the market that are completely integrated with all of their own in-house hardware and software technology. This battery-electric car will be known as the VISION-S.

Sony being Sony, the VISION-S’ infotainment system seems to be extraordinary. With panoramic screens and 360⁰ surround sound, Sony are really anticipating the evolution of cars to mobile living rooms. Upon the release of the car, it will feature Level 2 autonomous capabilities, but Sony will strategically release software updates that will upgrade the car’s abilities to Level 4 autonomy.

Of course, cars are becoming more and more integrated with personal technology that is used daily. As such, the VISON-S will be integrated with smart-homes and smartphones. Just like Apple’s car remote app, the VISION-S could be easily locked and unlocked through the use of a smartphone device.

Auto Trendy’s take:

It seems that Sony have a clear vision of the future of cars as a part of consumer electronics and are trying to place themselves at the forefront of the software-based revolution that is hitting the automotive industry. Sony have built a big name for themselves with their entertainment systems and will likely continue to do so with cars. Having a fully in-house developed car will make it easier for them to integrate the car’s hardware with the software which will yield to a more seamless user interaction with their system.