Tevva: nature electrified

Written by Asaf Kedem - August 26, 2020

Edited by Kfir Kedem

Founded by a former Israeli navy submarine officer and comanaged by a team with over 135 years in summed experience across the world, Tevva bring the “e” into the “eTruck”. A member of the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance, a collaboration between countries, cities, and companies to transform the transportation sector into a zero-emission industry before 2050; the company’s focus is on nature, or Tevva, in the founder’s mother language of Hebrew. They offer their own trucks for lease and sale, but perhaps more interesting, offer to electrify OEM’s existing commercial vehicles. They offer 5 different technologies (Power, Drive, Link, Rex, Platform) which together form a holistic eTruck solution.

Furthermore, lithium-ion batteries are not generally repurposed after usage, which leads to a hefty environmental impact. Tevva build their batteries to maximize longevity and reuse. As one example they provide, when an EV battery can no longer power electric vehicles, it is perfect for home energy storage, and they commit to these initiatives with different partners to maximize sustainability.

Auto Trendy’s take:

It’s interesting to see an electric company which admits faults it contributes to in the industry and what it does to ameliorate them. Their different solutions to greater sustainability offer a clear conscience to their customers, as well as security in the upcoming age of diesel and petrol restrictions. Their “electrify” programs are accessible and relevant to many current OEMs. Tevva seems to have great potential to make a dent in the truck industry in the next few years.