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The return of historical colors for all Porsche models

Written by Daniel Andzhurov – November 30, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

With the new paint options according to the “Paint to Sample” and “Paint to Sample Plus” samples, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur expands its range of special exterior colors for all model series. The focus is on offering the classic Porsche colors, recognizable over the years. For particularly individual requests, the option to create custom shades according to the customer's specifications is also available. "Unusual colors are known throughout the history of our brand and are an important distinguishing feature," says Alexander Fabich, head of Individualization and Classics. "With this offer, we revive the cult classic colors and expand the wide range of standard and special colors in all model series with more than 160 shades."

In recent years, demand for custom-made Porsche cars has risen sharply. With the new options, Porsche Exclusive Manufactur has significantly increased capacity in this area. A new color mixing plant has been put into operation at the main factory in Zuffenhausen, where paint specialists combine several dozen ingredients to the last milligram to achieve the desired shade. Each batch is divided into two containers with paint – for the body and for the added parts. The parts of the car to be painted consist mainly of aluminum, plastics, and carbon/fiberglass composite materials. This combination of materials, different application methods and drying temperatures require paints with slightly different compositions, depending on the component. The batch comparison plates are painted and serve as reference samples for the colors during the final inspection of the vehicle.

Auto Trendy’s take:

At a time where everyone, especially in the automotive world, is looking to the future, Porsche is making a strong statement of being different. We, at Auto Trendy, believe that their approach to color is unique and that it will be appreciated by the public. Moreover, we bet it would be amazing to see a car with the presence of Porsche’s magnitude painted in your favorite color.

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