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The world’s safest bicycle

Written by Theo Koenig – September 01, 2021

Reviewed by Kfir Kedem

A French startup called Angell has brought forward a design for a bicycle which they describe as the future of mobility. With the help of a sleek design from designer Ora ïto, the Angell and Angell/S bring the complete package - but it comes at a cost.

Currently there are two models on offer, the Angell and the Angell/S, both for just north of EU2500. The Angell is marketed as the perfect city bike, while the Angell/S is geared towards those looking for a compromise between a race and city bicycle. Considering the high levels of traffic congestion that many cities are experiencing, many cyclists might consider the added safety features that Angell offers as a reasonable decision. Let's see if these bikes live up to their price tag.

The most important part: the battery. Angell offers both its bikes with a removable battery that adds an average of 70km. Hyperbolic lights are built into the back of the battery for improved visibility on the road as well as light/right direction indication for added clarity. A separate light is naturally also available at the front of the bicycle. From 0-100% the battery only has a charge time of 2 hours.

Another fun safety feature is the inclusion of buzzers integrated into the handlebars so as to let users know when to make a turn. Users can input their final destination into the 2.4" touch screen so that they can ride without having to keep their eyes away from the road away for too long.

Smaller safety features such as a fall detector unit, and a geo-tracking service are also included. The fall detector will send out a message to your emergency contact in case of an event on the road, while the geolocation service ensures that your bike is not moved without your knowledge regardless of whether the battery has been removed or not.

Auto Trendy’s Take:

With increasing city congestion, the Angell bike is certainly catering to a market in high demand. Increased security on the road might at times be priceless, however, the question is whether or not the Angell bikes offer enough safety for them to justify their price tags. Only time will tell whether that is the case. One truth is undeniable: battery powered bicycles are here to stay. One can only hope that cities are able to adapt to offer a safe and more reliable transportation model for their citizens.

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