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Volocopter’s key to urban air mobility

Written by Kfir Kedem – March 11, 2021

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Similar to Lilium, Volocopter is a German air mobility company. The company focuses on every aspect of air mobility and offers all the solutions necessary. These come in the form of a software (also known as “Urban Mobility Software Platform”), payload-carrying drone, air taxi, and miniature airport. Or as Volocopter respectively calls them: VoloIQ, VoloDrone, VoloCity, and VoloPort.

The VoloCity is the air taxi and would compete against German Lilium and SkyCab. These air taxis are set to fly in and out of the VoloPorts which are to be scattered around dense urban areas. They are fully electric, which keeps their emissions low, and work in a fashion similar to a quadcopter drone.

Volocopter’s first flight test was held in 2011, and the company has since completed over 1000 test flights for the VoloCity. They have also ensured to certify the air taxi. As part of this certified solution, a VoloCity will be available for users to order through a mobile app just as they would an Uber. Volocity’s all-in-one air mobility solution has created some buzz between investors, which allowed them to raise $200 million in their most recent stage of funding.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Volocopter is the third German air mobility company that we at Auto Trendy have written about. As such, it seems that Germany will have some very unique mobility solutions running very soon. Volocopter has their own outstanding solution that integrates geography, hardware, and software into a seamless short-distance flight experience. Although having their own infrastructure is great for them, collaborating with Lilium and SkyCab to build up these miniature airports all around Germany could present us, the users, with a more convenient solution sooner rather than later.

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