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Zero Motorcycles aiming to electrify the motorcycle industry

Written by Theo Koenig – December 24, 2020

Reviewed by Asaf Kedem

Initially founded in a garage in Santa Cruz, California in 2006, Zero Motorcycles has grown to become the leader of the electric motorcycle industry. Zero Motorcycles now offer 9 different types of motorcycles, ranging from street- to sport- to dirt-bikes, all of which are electric.

The most popular bike is the Zero SR/S. Two versions of the 100% electric SR/S are currently on offer: Standard and Premium. The only difference between the two is the improved charge time, with the Premium version being capable of charging almost twice as quickly as the Standard. For those customers looking for even better charge times, a power pack option is available for both the Standard and the Premium, bringing down the charge times to 1.8 hours and 1.5 hours, respectively. The specs are as follows:

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The Standard Zero SR/S is for sale between $19,995 - $22,295, depending on charging options, while the Premium model ranges between $21,995 and $24,890.

The biggest change from the internal combustion engine bikes will be the clutchless transmission and silent drive. While many users will be reluctant to move away from combustion engines, the hidden gem within these bikes is the stability offered by the fact that the heaviest component is the battery. Eliminating the gas tank as well as the moving parts from the combustion engine and replacing them with a static mass gives the motorcycle far better balance. Zero Motorcycles will be hoping that the improved balance, along with the instant response and high torque is enough to sway combustion engine riders. Riding electric, according to Zero Motorcycles, is cheaper than using gasoline, and the lack of component-repairs involved in purchasing an electric bike is another bonus.

Auto Trendy’s take:

Zero Motorcycles have done an incredible job in bringing forward the electric motorcycle industry. Becoming an industry leader is never an easy feat by any means. In our eyes, however, there are 3 major aspects that have hindered the company’s progress over the years. Since its creation in 2006, the company has gone global, but still lacks an adequate number of dealerships and repair shops to convince customers outside of the US and Europe to purchase Zero motorcycles. Several technical issues, such as the overheating of batteries, as well as a malfunction in the braking system have led to some recalls over the years, most recently in November of this year. Finally, many customers are reluctant to purchase a vehicle with a slow charge rate and limited range, especially for bikes that may be driven through remote areas of the world. That being said, the motorcycles themselves are simply stunning and offer many benefits compared to traditional combustion engine bikes. With the emergence of competitors such as Energica Motor, as well as the electric Harley Davidson, the electric motorcycle market is certainly expanding, but simultaneously becoming saturated. Zero Motorcycles have their work cut out for them but will benefit from the advantage of being one of the first in the market.

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